Building My Website

Building My Website

I am excited to finally devote a block of time to building my DigiDeena website. This work has been a long time comin’ (1.5 years more or less), and I’ve had countless ideas bouncing around in my head for many months now.  Having the house nearly to myself for almost 2 weeks is just the opportunity I needed to seize upon to make this happen!

IMG_4686It will take me many months to get all the content added that I envision will have a permanent home on this site, but luckily I’ve been writing a lot offline so it’s just a matter of organizing the content into a logical order for this site.  I have devoted the last 2 years to my education in professional genealogy, and I’ve learned so much I cannot wait to share it all.

Today is the first day of summer, and I can’t think of a better way to beat the heat and smoke from all the dozen Colorado wildfires that are blazing, than to work on my plan for this site.  I hope you will take this journey with me over the months and years to come, and benefit from the information I will share.


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