I have gathered numerous testimonials from satisfied clients that span the different lines of service offered by DigiDeena Consulting.  Please contact me if you would like to be put in direct contact with one of my references.


Research Project for TV Documentary

Dark Minds, Season 3, Episode “Road Paved in Murder,” on Investigation Discovery

Newspaper research project referencing the unsolved murders of four Denver women in the 1970-80s.
Episode aired 30 April 2014, research completed October 2013

“Thank you so much – these articles are fantastic!  We’re extremely happy with everything.  You have been such a fantastic help with this project – it’s been a pleasure working with you!”

— Serena Nelson, Beyond Productions, Australia  http://www.beyond.com.au/production/watch/dark-minds


Business Marketing Consulting

December 2013 to April 2014

“WOW!  You have so many good ideas; I hope I have the time, expertise, and energy to put at least most of your ideas into action.  Please know that you have been an absolute delight to work with: smart and professional.  I couldn’t have asked for better and you often surprised me with your insight and thoroughness. I am so grateful to have found you.”

–Jane Baker, Owner, Saving Memories Forever www.savingmemoriesforever.com


Class:  Introduction to Genealogy

Delivered 15 January 2014

“Deena Coutant is an excellent instructor. Her wide knowledge base in the field of genealogy comes through to her students in easy-to-understand ways. Her classes are well-organized and students know exactly what will be covered, what they will learn and how. I’ve had only glowing comments from people who have attended her class at the James H. LaRue Library.”

–Lisa Casper, Adult Services, James H. LaRue Library, Highlands Ranch

“Deena – THIS IS A CLASS ACT!  Usually people charge for this level of information.  As I said, your class was excellent, and this followup continues that excellence – and I like the format of the email.”

–Ray Haygood, class attendee

Delivered 13 October 2013

“Deena Coutant is a most excellent presenter on the subject of genealogy.  She literally makes the history come alive in showing the many and varied resources available to those who have already started or are interested in a trek through the ancestors.  She is very engaged and enthusiastic about sharing her expertise with others.  I would definitely recommend her for a “must have” type of program.  Thanks again for a most interesting afternoon sharing with all of us.”

— Jane Crawford, Patron Services Specialist Level 2, Arapahoe Library District, Southglenn Branch  http://arapahoelibraries.org


Design:  2014 Boston Terrier Rescue Calendar

Completed November 2013

“Satisfactory????  How do you exceed yourself each and every year????   Each calendar has been unique and wonderful and they just keep getting better!!!  This one is delightful and so exciting!!  You are so talented and creative–I am in awe and oh so grateful for all that you do.  Thank you for a marvelous memory celebration of each of these wonderful friends!!!  It looks perfectly ready to go.”

–Esther Brisendine, Operator, Dupee Boston Terrier Rescue


Society Communications

Delivered November 2013

“Deena, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help with everything. The email blasts regarding the December program are perfect. I also heard that you did a wonderful flyer to hand out at the luncheon you recently went to.”

–Millie House, Special Events Committee Chair, Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society  http://crcgs.com


Website Management

Compliment given November 2013

“I want to pass on a compliment to you from Mark Rabideau. He said that you were the most competent, organized person he knew, plus a few other adjectives.”

–LeiOma Koestner, Programs Coordinator, Parker Genealogical Society

“Any organization would benefit with your guidance.”

–Mark Rabideau, Owner, eirenicon, l.l.c. consulting and Many-Roads professional genealogy services  http://eirenicon.org


Custom-designed Family Tree

Winnie Davis:  Daughter of the Lost Cause, Jefferson Davis 3-generation family chart

Completed September 2013

“Thanks so much for your great work on the Davis family tree!  I am really pleased with how it all turned out!  I heard back from my editor at UNP, and she says it is perfect–hooray!  You did a superb job under difficult time and space constraints.  I am most appreciative!”

–Heath Hardage Lee, Author  http://heathleeauthor.com


Interactive Workshop:  Using Ancestry.com and HeritageQuest 

Delivered July & August 2013

“We were so fortunate to have you teach our Ancestry.com and HeritageQuest basic seminars!  Your coverage and style really hit the mark and we’re sure these folks will make much more use of these 2 databases in the Estes Library.  Thanks so much for making the trek twice.  I personally would especially welcome seeing you and learning even more from you in the future.”

–Mary Scott, Estes Park Genealogical Society  http://www.estesvalleylibrary.org


Lecture:  Beyond the Census:  The Non-population Schedules

Delivered March 2012

“Your presentation addressed a subject that about two-thirds of our audience was unaware of.  Your outstanding presentation and informative handout gave people additional avenues for their genealogy research.  You very effectively use PowerPoint to enhance your presentation.  Thanks again for all that you do for CRCGS.”

–Mike Vitek, Corresponding Secretary 2012, Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society  http://crcgs.com


General Technology

March 2013

“Thank you for all your technology support for CRCGS–it is vital and contributes significantly for many.”

–Pat Noble, Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society  http://crcgs.com


General Collaboration and Networking

August 2012

“I just wanted to take a second and thank you for all of the great ideas and thoughts you’ve shared with me for Scangaroo!  It has been extremely valuable brainstorming with you and I look forward to collaborating in the future!”

–Dave Hensley, Owner, Scangaroo (the world’s first mobile scanning company)  http://www.gen-arc.com


Research and Case Study Presentation

Discover Who You Are! episode on Census and Vital Records

Delivered July & August 2011

“Please accept this token of my appreciation for all the hours you spent on “the Lincoln Connection.”  Your PowerPoint presentation was excellent!  You are very gifted in computer technology.  Also, thanks for the notebook and copies of your work.”

–Val Sandlin, Research Client


Class:  Intermediate Census Research

Delivered April 2011

“Barb Walker and I extend our personal thanks for your time and effort in preparing and teaching an excellent class on census records.  We are so grateful that you so eagerly and willingly took on this challenge and pulled together such a well-organized instructional product in record time.  Please find a certificate of appreciation for your efforts that you can add to your growing collection.  Participants were asked to complete an evaluation survey to help us with future planning.  The results of your evaluation are enclosed for your information.  You will note from the comments that the group as a whole was pleased with your presentation.”

–Judith Phelps, Education Co-coordinator, Columbine Genealogical & Historical Society  http://www.columbinegenealogy.com


Society Administration

Recommendations received 2011-2012

“I know Deena well, and have worked closely with her since she moved to Colorado from Texas a few years ago.  In the last few years, Deena has served as our society’s Vice President, Electronic Newsletter Editor, Program Chair, and special advisor to the President. Her ideas have been instrumental in many ways, notably in the development of our website, society presence on social media, and organizational systems that have doubled our membership in the past year. She is generous with her time and expertise, offering our society and others the benefit of her personal and business experience. Deena is a quick study, with a genuine interest in the complexities of organization, and the importance of individual stories and the struggles of researchers.  Deena is currently our VP-Communication, and continues to be an invaluable advisor involved in all facets of CRCGS. She officially oversees the multiple areas related to internal and external communication, but also actively participates in the overall development of our growing society.  Deena is a talented, willing and capable person. I highly recommend her.”

–Susan Simpson, President 2010-2012, Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society  http://crcgs.com

“I have been working with Deena for a couple of years now and have always been impressed by her level of dedication, her energy, and her exemplary organizational skills in any endeavor she undertakes.  I have seen her work pay off at the Castle Rock Genealogical Society which saw a sharp rise in membership partly due to her incredible energy and willingness to serve promoting and organizing events, running meetings, networking with other local societies and building relationships with their local library.  I have witnessed her skills, knowledge and dedication first hand and I highly recommend her.”

–Cari Taplin, President 2011-2013, Boulder Genealogical Society and Owner, Genealogy Pants professional genealogy services  http://carigenealogy.wordpress.com

“Thank you for all the time and expertise you bring to the society.  We have made giant strides in the last 3 months.”

–Ruth Meyer, Treasurer 2009-2012, Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society  http://crcgs.com