Although most of today’s files are now “born” digital, many of yesterday’s were not.  This presents a dilemma for individuals who wish to enjoy and share their collection of photos, memorabilia and documents in today’s digital world.

Digitization and preservation go hand-and-hand.  That’s why I’m passionate about digitizing important artifacts, and even why I named my company DigiDeena Consulting.

I offer quality scanning services to help clients digitize physical photos, documents, and other print memorabilia.  I have an array of professional equipment to get the job done.

Unlike other companies that charge a piece rate for scanning services, I charge a flat hourly rate.  This benefits the customer by enabling a higher volume of scanning to be accomplished for a fraction of the price.

Most modern or loose photos can be scanned with a professional-level Kodak sheet-fed scanner, while older or fragile items may have to be hand scanned on a flatbed scanner.   Have large items?  No problem!  Large items can be scanned in multiple parts and then stitched together with software to create a large-format digital original. Professional slide scanning is also available.

The hourly rate is the same, regardless of the mix of scanning methods used.  The end result is high resolution or archival digital files that can be used in a myriad of projects.  Final files are supplied on a USB flash drive or can be placed on a client-supplied device.

On-site scanning can also be performed on request, subject to schedule availability.

For more information on equipment and services, download the DigiDeena Scanning Flier here.

Contact me with questions or to request a project quote.

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