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The field of technology is ever changing, and often leaves individuals behind, stranded without the skills or knowledge to accomplish their goals.  Genealogy is a major hobby, with most individuals beginning their research and pilgrimages after retirement.  Because the age of the average genealogist is skewed to 65+, many aspiring genealogists do not possess the necessary technical skills sets to be effective in their research, capture or sharing of their data.  The vision of DigiDeena Consulting is to help these individuals bridge the technology gap so they may enjoy their hobby, document their genealogy, and accomplish their goals, such as publishing a family history book.


DigiDeena Consulting is a sole proprietorship founded in 2008 when Deena Coutant wished to use her skills, knowledge and experience to assist others in preserving their memories and family heritage.  Over the years, the company’s service offerings have expanded from their beginnings in digital scrapbooking, to include other related genealogical and photo organization services such as education, coaching and research.  Deena also helps small businesses and non-profit organizations establish marketing best practices with their web presence and email communications.  Because sharing knowledge with others is a passion of Ms. Coutant’s, she desires to lecture and train on topics where family history and technology intersect.


DigiDeena Consulting offers a full complement of services that can be explored in more detail on their respective pages.

Genealogy Services

Photo & Document Services

Business Services

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Constant Contact Solution Provider (Email marketing, events, surveys)
  • Website Design