DNA for Genealogy Is Popular on TV and in Denver

In the last several years genealogy-themed TV shows have become hugely popular, and more recently, the addition of DNA testing (genetic genealogy) has also found its way into these shows.

Two new DNA/genealogy reality TV shows debut this week.  I plan to watch and hope you do, too.

Relative Race

Relative Race premieres tonight, February 28 at 6:00pm MT on BYU TV.  It is an original competition family history-based reality show that has been described as Amazing Race meets Who Do You Think You Are.

Relative Race maps

Relative Race features four married couples as they travel across the US in search of long lost relatives, armed with only paper maps, a rental car, a $25 per diem and a flip phone. Using the science and technology provided by AncestryDNA, the couples embark on a journey that starts in San Francisco, ends in New York City and leads them to unknown relatives along the way. Cameras follow all four teams as they drive across the country -more than 4500 miles- in just ten days, stopping each day to complete a challenge and find (and stay with) their newly discovered relatives in a different city. At the end of each day, the team that finishes last receives a strike; after three strikes, teams are eliminated and the remaining teams travel to NYC for the grand finale where there is a $25k grand prize for the winning couple.

BYUtv is available on Dish (Ch. 9403), DirecTV (Ch. 374), and carried by nearly 600 cable television providers nationwide.  Episodes can also be streamed live or watched on demand on BYUtv.org, or via a variety of smartphone apps that can be downloaded.  View the trailer on the Relative Race official site.

Long Lost Family

A new 8-episode season of Long Lost Family will premiere on TLC on March 6 at 9:00pm MT.  The show has aired on British TV for a couple of seasons, and the trailer and TV schedule for the current season can be viewed on the TLC website.


The show premieres with an episode titled, “I’ve Waited for This Call for 45 Years,” in which a mother is reunited with a child that she was forced to give up for adoption.  The show utilizes DNA testing to help establish close family relationships when reuniting biological family members.

Finding Your Roots

Season 3 of Finding Your Roots continues with two more episodes to round out the current season on March 1 and 8.  Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. continues to explore the backgrounds of celebrities by utilizing DNA testing and consulting by genetic genealogist CeCe Moore.


The remaining schedule can be found on the PBS website, and full episodes of this season can also be watched online.  The Behind the Scenes blog provides more information on how DNA testing was used to solve some of these cases.


DNA Seminar and Q&A Sessions at Denver Public Library

If you are in the Denver area and lucky to be one of the 225+ individuals who have a seat in CeCe Moore’s sold out all-day seminar at Denver Public Library on March 5, you will no doubt hear about some of the ways she has used DNA to solve these cases.

I will be providing 4 DNA Q&A sessions in the weeks following CeCe’s seminar to give attendees an opportunity to have their DNA questions answered in a small-group format limited to 40 attendees each.  Registration for the sessions scheduled on March 10 and 26 will open on this website on March 6.  Check the calendar for a session that meets your schedule and submit your questions in advance via the registration form.

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